Wednesday, August 20, 2014

45 Parallel Crossing

The boys head out on the big pond for a little paddle / sail on what some like to call lake Michigan.- we're calling it the (BIG POND) "45 Parallel Crossing".

The Big pond can be unforgiving, it's waters run cold and deep (reminds me of an old girlfriend but I digress); the plan is for Mark - Manitou Cruiser and Rick - Kevlar Kid (WaterTribe Tribal names) to set themselves up for a 77 mile push to Baileys Harbor and then make the 48 mile jump across to South Manitou Island. ---- They will be taking the Badger Ludington MI Ferry to Manitowoc WI to ease the suffering of persistent westerly winds this time of year.

The configuration for this adventure will be a Sea Wind / DreamCatcher Cat rig with 38' 32' Batwing sails.  Manitou's SPOT goes live at 830am EST.

I look forward to their reports as they make their way North to Bailey's Harbor as it is a section of the new water trail that is being developed.

The Capt'n

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