Thursday, August 21, 2014

45 and some change day 2

The boys pull off on the world's smallest beach to batten down the hatches and put on some storm gear; reef down to Coach Hoff Hanky size and keep pushing towards Bailey's Harbor. The morning was not with out it's challenges; the GPS took a dump so Mark and Rick navigated by braille following the shoreline as best they could; a quick stop in Algoma looking a marine store was fruitless, so they went with plan B -- paddle on.

Social media and the Internet can be a wonderful thing; Sandy (peacepaddler) has mobilized and will meet the boys and hand off a GPS tonight; knowing Sandy she probably has a gourmet meal planned as well; if you have not paddled with Sandy, you have yet to experience her cooking skills in the wild.

So the boys are off for what they think will be a 7 hour push; catted boats performing well as they speculate 5mph holding steady; weather is iffy as is gett'n some on prom night; as expected for Wisconsin no weatherman tells the same forecast; I encouraged Mark to look up if he wants accurate current conditions. Paddle on Boys, Paddle on.

The Capt'n

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