Friday, August 22, 2014

45 Parallel Crossing day 2.5

They boys couldn't have pulled over in a nicer place, it's like they planned it!! They are just off of Glidden Drive; Glidden Drive is biologically the most diverse of Wisconsin's 130 Rustic Roads. It has 13 Lake Michigan beach accesses.

Five streams are off of Glidden Drive: Shivering Sands Creek (the most famous-historic in Door County) which they are just south of, Lily Bay Creek, Fisher Creek, Vernal Creek (intermittent) and Underground Creek with swallets  (an opening through which a stream descends underground). Glidden Drive skirts the largest natural area in Door County, the Shivering Sands Wetland Complex.

I've received word that Sandy is packing heavy as she makes her way up through Door County; Lasagna Margaritas and that pesky GPS are in route.  Could make for a mid to late morning start after a big meal and cocktails.  Paddle on Garth...

The Capt'n

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