Sunday, September 7, 2014

Au Sable River Fall River Run 2014 2.1 - the finish

Mark and Lauren paddling a Kruger Cruiser take honors with a banner finish crushing the 24 hour mark; the Smile on Lauren's and Mark's faces says it all!!  Matching hats the smiles; I think the Rowe's have gone Hollywood!!

Ben sporting a similar smile rolls in under 24 hours as well; not too shabby my man, not too shabby!! Tricks of the trade - looks to be travelling pretty darn light on this run.

But the real joy is coming in from an event and seeing the enthusiasm of your favorite fans!! Now this is cool, very cool.
Keith rolled in at 9:39 pm while Ben Mark and Lauren were in dreamland; word on the river is James may have pulled out at 5 channels dam (unconfirmed) - and if I were a guessing man I'd say Lori and Wendy are still on the river enjoying a fine trip.
I am not sure about the others that participated as they did not SPOTS or check in during the event; but I will say this - somebody put a paddle in this little Dude's hands cause he wants to tear it up!!
Over and out!!
The Capt'n

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