Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Enter...The Dragon (the warrior spirit)

Having just arrived from Misfit Island - we were a bit perplexed on the complexity of Dragon Boat Racing; new terms entered weary minds - Hold, five & dime, power surge in 3 and let'er run were new to our vocabulary. 

But in the end we spoke dragon boat and were able to pull off a second place finish out of 22 teams - Not bad for a bunch of Kruger heads who forgot what a wood paddle feels like, not to mention the unique bench seating of a Dragon Boat.  1800lbs of boat careening down the river is something to behold.
 It was a time trial bracketed event; 300 yards is not a long way, but when you do it a 1/2 a dozen times working your way through the brackets at 90% - 100% effort you become keenly aware you misjudged the complexity and physical demands of dragon boat racing.

It was a grand event with 22 team (20 peeps on a team); the grounds were festive and spirits were high. For a bunch of first timers it was definitely a learning experience, a whole different realm of paddling.

Team Kruger would like to give a shout out to the organizers of the event and bring awareness to their cause  - to the survivors everywhere from domestic violence to cancer.

I would also like to thank Mike Smith for his persistence, his dedication and leadership for pulling together a team of misfits for the event; till we paddle again, it's back to misfit island!!

The Capt'n


Stacy Smith said...

I love our land of misfit toys! Thanks everyone for making my heart burst with happiness and love for 2 days! Hey SANTA can you hear it? Can you hear our dragon spirit?

frymarciajack said...

Wow, what a fun (and impressive) weekend!

Roger Pace said...

Whenever I hear the word canoe, I automatically go back to scout camp when I was kid. We spent so many hours in canoes paddling around this huge lake at the center of the camp. It was so much fun, and I would love to try it out again someday.