Friday, September 5, 2014

Au Sable River Fall River Run 2014

The Players: Team Kruger

The Event:  Au Sable River Fall River Run 2014

A typical Kruger-head unsanctioned event - the word gets out about the run via social media, obscure texts and the occasional face to face talk in the glow of a raging campfire -  everyone is on their own, unsupported expedition style - the objective,  complete within 24 hours.; the goal, living the Kruger Canoe Dream. 

This particular run down the Au Sable will test your resolve, its a brutal test of fortitude when you push through the night into the wee hours of the morning to complete in 24 hours.

A word from Ben:
"Myself and a few others are running the AuSable River from Grayling to Oscoda tomorrow, starting at 4pm and shooting for a sub 24hour finish. Follow along here: "  Follow with SPOT - HERE

From Mark and Lauren:

"Off to a great start! Giant storm with SCARY lightning in front of us as we drove north. Hence we stopped at a hotel just south of grayling and were surprised by this awesome hotel room art! Hopefully campers can get some sleep ahead if the run. The good news is that the stream should be rising!"  Follow with SPOT - HERE

I'm not sure how many others are paddling this weekend, but I will try to follow along, post the insanity, add a little humor and of course take creative liberties, cause that's what I do!! 

The Capt'n

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