Friday, September 5, 2014

Au Sable River Fall River Run 2014 1.1

 Staging underway - clears skies and crisp clean green water!! 40 minutes to the start time and there is already anarchy as there is talk of pushing off early!! I got a list of who all is participating but for the life of me can not locate it!  Beuller...Beuller?  anybody?

 Wendy and Lori ponder the possibilities of the perfect start -  "Hey boys free beer at the landing"

While the boys fall for the oldest trick in the book Wendy drops in and puts paddle to water! - "there is no beer at the end of the ramp, silly..".

Lori soon to follow as they depart at 3:37 EST; so the Au Sable Fall river run is underway; some say under protest (not really but makes for good reading)

I on the other hand need to up my game; more Oreos and Rum --- paddle on!!

The Capt'n

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