Thursday, February 25, 2010


The Northern most Tribe starts their nomadic voyage south. Word on the water Manitou is packing it up and gingerly making his way to the frozen... I mean balmy Florida today. A few stops along the way, see the fam, drop a boat off, do a little scouting. "Just remember to pick Boo and I up on Thursday 7pm at the airport!!"
Not sure what Macatawa is doing? I see his SPOT test post puts him in the frozen waste land of Michigan. But he could be sneaky and already on the move.
Boo and I will be heading out next Thursday, a fly in fly out UM adventure. - Then back to my cubby for updates and blogging on the EC and FC events.
If you are wondering where NightNavigator and his band of misfits are; check out his SPOT:

The Capt'n Reporting


bjalgera said...

I'm still frozen in up here... Plan on leaving MI next Wednesday and arrive in FL sometime Thursday. I can't wait!
- Macatawa

K.C.A. said...

I believe Macatawa stands for "popcicle toes" in Ojibwa. Travel safe and see you on the beach!!

SandyBottom said...

Is the whole OC6 crew in Fl already?

K.C.A. said...

i think so..

K.C.A. said...

toby report hunkered down in 10,000 islands - very cold at night, everyone to bed early to stay warm