Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Magic Show! Starring Wizard

They were bound to surface; pictures of Matt Layden's new design. At 9' LOA and 38" W - a true microcruiser with a lot of competitive spirit. The 5 gal. buckets are to simulate cruising weight while under way.
WaterTribe forum postings from Matt state that she handles pretty well with a little weather helm. (he plans on moving the mast forward). There are a lot of subtleties on Matt's designs. Like the Chine Runners for windward advantage, the balanced reef-able lug sail. outboard kick up rudder with internal steering. She's a beauty!!

So after a few minor changes, a coat of paint and some glass in the windows, she looks about ready to go. Time to kick off those training wheels! More Matt Layden Designs and pictures can be found at: Matt Layden's Boats
The Captain Reporting

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skykryme said...

This boat is cool. Wanted to see if I could post from my phone too.Good luck everyone.