Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Canoeing Elders Honored

Our expeditions that start this week will be dedicated to the memory of both Verlen Kruger and Jerry Cesar, two great explorers that help show us the path of modern day adventure. Jerry will be inducted into the MCRA Canoer's Memorial Monument on Sunday, September 26th at 2pm along with many other great paddlers. This date conveniently falls on the second day of our trip, only 20 or so miles upriver from Oscoda. We will pause for the dedication services and then continue on upriver afterwards.

Larry Rice did a fantastic story for Canoe and Kayak Magazine about the Jerry Cesar story a few years back. Spirit Journey to Tip Top Mountain

History of the MCRA Canoer's Memorial Monument -

If this ain't high adventure I don't know what is!

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