Monday, September 27, 2010

Motley Crew

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With the dedication behind them the "Motley Crew" pushes on till dark

"Motley" refers to the traditional costume of the paddler or the harlequin character in commedia dell'arte. Our crew wears scruffy beards and functional hats, a fashion motif.

“Motley is the only wear.” --Shakespeare

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Chuck Amboy said...

Thurs Sept 30 4:30 PM. Last night I wrote to Dan Sanderson, the reporter for the Crawford County Avalanche who wrote such an excellent report last when Mark and Jack passed through. Today he and I discussed the Grayling (at Ray's) ETA of the separate paddlers - probably Mark 5 to 5:15, Mike Smith 6 to 6:30 (Mike's estimate as of 4 PM.) I told the reporter about Larry Rice's article of a few years ago, of the group trip to Tip Top Mountain. He seemed most interested in knowing more about Todd and Jake Cesar, who as part of the MC6 are about a day behind Mike Smith. Heads up for being interviewed. Chuck Amboy