Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Keep the paddle

in the water
8:50pm 9/29/10
Manitou reports: Plan stands -Up by 3;30am on the water by 4:00am - Planning a 24 to 36 hour run down to Manistee; including the estimated 7 mile portage. Now that's big medicine.
6:07pm 9/29/10
McLov'n reports portaging the Mio Dam - Looking good gentleman!
6:00pm 9/29/10
Manitou reports they are pulling off for the night; The plan is to be on the water O-dark30 and push on. MC2 is on river time taking all things into consideration - like when to rest and when to push. Look for a 4:00am start.
1:55pm 9/29/10
Jake and Dan both broke rudder cables today; had the tools and the means to fix them... back on the water - and Lov'n it. I'm tempted to start calling Brian Keel "McLov'n" - borrowing the name from the smash hit teen movie "Super Bad"; what does the viewing audience think? Done!!
9:30am 9/29/10
Manitou reports Motley Crew of 2 (MC2) are off to Grayling; hopes to knock out the portage as well today. (Grayling is named after a fish that was once prevalent to the area) This sounds like a whopper of a fish story to me!!
8:04am 9/29/10
Brian Keel reports: On the water going to try to pass Mio dam today; It's a beautiful morning on the river!
8:15am 9/29/10
Manitou reports: "Well first he called me a dirty dog"; "I replied with I think you got into some bad pudding." ...Law enforcement was not contacted, Motley Crew of 2 were able to work things out through diplomatic relations with Brazil. Oh that Manitou, just a crazy mixed up kid in a crazy mixed up world; Plan is to sit tight and wait for RiverRunner to portage Mio dam

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