Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The run down

Many of the legends or myths relating to the origin of fire are vivid and dramatic, and while they vary in detail there appears to be a similarity in many of the episodes that form the fire-origin story - We give the gift of fire; "May your voyages be safe, may your gear stay dry - amaze your Neanderthal friends with a flick of a Bic."
On long journeys the stashing or hording of goods has become common since the dawn of time; Take Napoleon Dynamite, the cache of tater tots in his pants pocket became quite the envy of his fellow students during a late afternoon class. Managing hunger important to all voyages.
The cache as it is called gives the voyager the opportunity to replenish certain items which are of great value for comfort safety and sustainability. Efficiency is key when racing; much better to have what you want stashed on river's bend then hitching a ride to town looking for a napkin.
Fire brings people together; as do hats. Three very unique individuals Murgy, Todd and Jerry; three very different hats. The hat, cap, millinery, headpiece, helmet, chapeau, bonnet, lid, bean pod are a very important piece of gear on long voyages. Protection from the elements are an important part of any trip planning.

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