Wednesday, September 29, 2010

paddle paddle... pull

photo by: K Calmeyn

10:30 am 9/27/10
Brian K called early yesterday morning I missed their call (work gets in the way); he left a message stating it looks like a great day for paddling; the rain stopped, got a bit of a late start getting on the water around 8:15am; Just finished portaging the Alcona Dam.
2:15pm 9/27/10
Eva Murgittroyd forwarded this message: Talk to Jack this morning they are a little wet but, are all good they think Mike and Mark are about 10 miles ahead of them. It was 9:30 am when he called and they had just got though Alcona Dam. They were pumped!~
4:30pm 9/27/10
Mark reports pulling up at the Mio dam; will portage over and sit tight to wait for RiverRunner Plan is to head to town to do some shopping for the holidays while he waits. This is a coded message to Jake from Manitou, "Eh ya Turkey ******, No Mama's boy float trip eh?"
9:30pm 9/27?10
RiverRunner reports he is below Mio Dam, didn't quite make it up to Manitou. Working his way through sand and gravel bars; lots of pulling the Kruger through the shallows; Nothing like taking your canoe out for a walk. RiverRunner said his GPS took a crap and something about loosing a teddy bear.
All in all spirits are high - plan is to meet up with Manitou in the morning.

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