Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Michigan Challenge - Tuesday

Mike and Justin (son and grandson) meet up with Bob below the Mio dam; Bob sporting a Kruger design Monarch; Mike and Dave sporting a Croizer C2.

Bob demonstrates the double pole method poling up the Ausable; same muscle groups when cross-country sking; check out the bow wake, pushing a lot of water. Yes this is tough, especially when you are having 16 hours days.

Toby at Cook Dam; Spoke with Toby yesterday, he is really enjoying this trip, taking it all in en getting the most out of his adventure. I think what is interesting is that Toby is on a 6 day trip and besides his cart being at the ready it looks like he is out for a day paddle; no gear in site.  Now that's quality packing.

Mark with the big wheel portage cart set up; it's a modified pull-boy heavy lifter with 16 " wheels; raises the canoe higher for more clearance and allows for the pull-pole in the front to be horizontal to the ground.  I've never added it up but if you include  2 UFC and multiple Michigan Challenge events from the bushwhacker to the shore to shore, I would guess Mark has around 500 miles of portaging with this configuration.

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