Monday, June 25, 2012

Michigan Challenge - Monday updates

 Jack and Sandy taking a much needed break 4:00pm Sunday

Mark called in this morning figuring he would have a full day of paddling before making the portage at Grayling; Chasing Bob appears to be Mark's new hobby; gonna have start calling Mark " The Shadow "

Only one call from Royd who is on the outside and making good time; looks like he is just starting to make the corner north by northwest.

Sandy and Jack are pushing on - a tad sore and for Sandy who has not paddled the AuSable before, texted  - "Holy River" ; Now not sure if it is cause of it's beauty or difficulty.

Dan Smith "our man in the field" reports:
Got a call from Jack Sunday night at 10:00 pm. They were both doing well but very tired after a 16 hour day. He is happy with their progress but did say that cruiser is a lot of boat to handle compared to the Sea Wind. Sandy has been doing all the stearing from the front and doing a great job. He said they havent went back wards not even once.
The plan for Monday is to get as close to Grayling as possible. A big plus if they could make it to Grayling. They have about 34 miles to get their and that would be a big day. Good job to both of them.

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