Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Michigan Challenge - Wednesday

Toby giving ole man river a how bout what fer up the AuSable
 Michael Ashley and Lynn taking a break on the Manistee River; Mark must have caught up to them and stopped in for a chat and some shopping

 Ben's new Sea Wind and John's kayak getting ready to get wet up at M72 campground

 Ben getting comfy, setting up a hammock; either that or it is a bear trap

Mike and Lynn packing heavy for their Manistee cruise down to the Insta-launch; I see Lynn brought a hairdryer and the kitchen sink... nice.  Be prepared for portage hell.

Toby called in while he was on the portage (Hwy M 72), just checking in to see how everyone was doing; did report that Bud dropped out down by Mio dam.

Mike left a message stating that Mark was trying to run down Bob who has been successfully fending him off thus far;  Pure speculation: Watch for Mark to pull an all nighter to real Bob in on the last stretch.  Should be an interesting finish

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