Thursday, June 28, 2012

Michigan Challenge - Thursday

Bob finishes the Michigan Challenge Shore to Shore route, first in; Mark finishes a few hours later, second. Nice run boys, nice run.
Lynn reports 41 miles today; she bribed the Wilderness Canoe Livery for a ride up to the Mushroom Grille for some grinds; Two more portages and 48 miles to go and they're home.

Royd called in stating he had a two day weather hold when the front came through; he he said  he was going to paddle and sail on but was running out of time to make it down to Manistee and will most likely be organizing a shuttle back to the world.

We still have Jack Sandy Ben John Michael Ashley Mike Lynn  and Toby out there; gonna be a scorcher today, sunscreen my Chitlins. and - Hydrate!

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