Friday, June 29, 2012

Michigan Challenge - Friday

Jack and Sandy pull out all the stops and are the third boat in after one heck of an effort; Sandy is the first woman to finish the Shore to Shore and I think it is the first time a cruiser went up the AuSable, I could be mistaken.

Toby called in, he had just finished the Hodenpyl portage; he is paddling with (Craig Jacobs) "Jake" and hooked up with Ben and John; most likely past the  tippy dam by now.  Looks like they may be close or even paddling with Mike Lynn Michael and Ashley.

Royd called in and he needed to pull out do to running out of time; he got just shy of Cheboygan; Royd was on the outside doing the full tip of the mitt.  Two day weather hold pushed Royd to shore as a weather front came through and made the outside extremely challenging.

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