Tuesday, April 2, 2013

School is in session...

No texting while paddling - this could have been you!!

From a posting on the MSU notice board:  https://www.facebook.com/events/425391817541934/

Campus to Coast is a 160 mile / 57hour River Adventure Race. This means simply you start at MSU's Rock on the Red Cedar go down to the Grand River and take it all the way to Grand Haven State Park on Lake Michigan. The dates of the race are April 5-7th, so expect it to be a little cold (last year we set off in the middle of a thunderstorm), this race is rain (or snow) or shine. This race is not for the weak of heart, expect to be tested by the elements and your wits; not to mention your patience with your teammate.

We will have checkpoints throughout the race to provide split times and check on racers. We are also working on having 2 areas where teams will be allowed to pitch tents and sleep or rest a few hours. Our top finishers are estimated at 36-40 hours!

So a handful of "edjumacated" Kruger fraternity and sorority brothers and sisters are going back to school - to take on the Campus to Coast; I hope they studied and did their homework; the Dean of students "Mother Nature" has been hard on those that have not prepared.

The class of 2013 appears to have 47 registered with more to follow I am sure.

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