Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 3.5 Campus to Coast Adventure Race

Quite an amazing day for the C2C organizers, the event got picked up by the associated press and news about the event went national; this is outstanding news for those in adventure sports once thought too bizarre for main stream media.  Welcome home boys!!

Team Kruger had an amazing run during the event; all coming home with victories, competing. Yep just getting there is a win, adventure paddling must be experienced. 

There was a lot of talk of the Kruger experience, this from newbie college participants; the camaraderie, shared Intel, to the buzz on the web unique to say the least; I'd say everyone involved had an enjoyable weekend watching the Kruger-Heads and the event unfold.

So today, its gear sorting, super hot showers and treks home for those that travelled to compete.  There are stories behind the stories I sure, so I hope those that were there chime in on the Team Kruger facebook page.  Until then, adventure on.

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