Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 1.5

We're getting some good information from FB groups page; this is what I know:  Mid-day Friday leader Connie Cannon had a couple of robust Kruger-heads on her tail; Mark and Jack riding wake and pushing hard. ( there was talk of hearing banjo music, but Toby is 1436 miles away, we think)

Dan Smith reports:

3:52pm EST The front runners of the campus to coast race. Connie Cannon was at Charlotte hwy bridge at 3:52pm with Mark and Jack riding her wake about 10 yards back. Mike Doty is 15 min back and Mike Smith 5min behind him. George Stockman and Sandy Krueger are 5th and 6th a hour behind Mike

Pat Harrington reports:

 11pm EST Mark & Jack clearing Wager Damn in Lyons, after beating on the beer dog back and Mike Smith clearing Brian Weber Damn / can't see George - Mr. Doty looks good and Sandy is peacing together some good times... I'm going to go rest so I can come back to this chair without fatigue...

Clinton Adams reports -Teams still in the race:

  All of Team Kruger! Old Town, Kayaking Faux Sho, Geeks, The Wizards, River Vikings, Big Dawgs (-Mitch), We just really like beer, C.A.B., Bums, and Free Kittens.

It appears all of the college have stopped for a bit this night, it is really anyone's game on the lead there. Mark and Jack have the lead for Open Expedition, but last I saw Connie is right on their tail!

Checkpoints are moving on the fly, the pack is really spreading out, and we got a 70% chance of showers and a SSE wind moving in fast! I hope teams start waking up soon and warming up before this weather hits! It is really going to be a battle of the elements today, hopefully the final teams stick it out though.

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