Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 3 Campus to Coast cont...

A recap of sorts: ah, hmm; nobody has called or text me of late so this is what I know from a sleep deprived Mark Przedwojewski.

Beer is best served cold, family and friends pricesless; Connie Cannon minutes behind them when they finished; George dropped safe cheering the paddlers into Grand Haven.

Sandy Krueger SPOT took a crap and I have asked her to check in every couple of hours; she was at the 6th street dam at 4:00am EST; I was asleep 3:00am CST but jumped up like I was a contestant on the "Price is Right!"; all giddy to hear things were going great!

Mike Doty and Mike Smith Finished around 4:15am Sunday morning. They were cold and tried but happy to get out of the rain. Took a wrong turn in the swamp area that took some time to figure out and get back on track. They are crashed out in the van.

I have no news from the college participants still out there; if anyone hears anything please post; it is always a wonderful thing when people experience expedition / adventure paddling for the first time.

It's interesting how these shorter expedition events take their toll on participants; one has to decide on whether to push through sleep deprived (going for the glory) or sleep and be part of the tour.  At least on 7-10 day adventures you know everyone has to sleep; these shorter events are brutal.

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