Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Last minute preperations

You thought I was kidding about my preparation?

As teams and solo participants gather together the necessities for the Campus to Coast; event directors are scurrying about as they develop a plan "b" around a nasty hydraulic oil spill on the river.  A famous southern country singer once said; "Hey just a hint, may be some unexpected portages. Just saying, wheels may not be a bad idea. ... don't let your babies grow up to be paddlers..."

Looks like there will be a rally over at the Smith's to fine tune bow-lights for night time travel; there was even rumor a foot that the new Kruger inspired "Mark I" would be unveiled, but security is tight around this new addition to the master's quiver of boats; don't be mislead by hazy photos that were leaked to social media outlets, this boat is something to behold. While you wait, check out the new Kruger Canoe website:

As for the commentary of the event, I'm ready.  Two pounds of red licorice, three 5 liter bags of wine; 9 sleeves of Oreo cookies, and a case of Maker's Mark at the ready.  write drunk edit sober; lets start this thing!

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