Sunday, June 23, 2013

Michigan Challenge - update 2

Aaron getting that ever so familiar send off from his #1 fan; Connie, Sandy and Jack getting set in the background.  Thanks peeps for sending off some pictures; makes my nonsensical comments, well understandable.
The "Bold and the Beautiful" - a Kruger Cruiser and this handsome couple Mark and Lauren - pre Launch

We have one heck of a challenge going on; Jack "the hammer" knows this course pretty well, and like a cat in the wild is stalking the go girls as they make their way up the Au Sable; Jack has the ability to go all night and then some will test the go girls resolve - this should prove interesting.

The heat today will be brutal, hydration key if they're going to make it through the day.

Out on the big pond; Lauren and Mark are kicking out some distance; they launched with a light west wind right at 7am. They looked relaxed and excited as they pushed out past the small breaker line of about 1.5'. They have done some sweet aftermarket upgrades to their Cruiser that will make their journey much more enjoyable!! When you get a chance take a look at the rig, it is SWEET!

Tip of the Mitt- outside route Mark Rowe and Lauren Fry
Kruger Cruiser, Balogh 36 BOSS

Shore to Shore- inside route
Aaron Kania sea kayak

Jack M. Kruger Sea Wind

Connie Cannon and Sandy Krueger
Winona Minnesota 2

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Eva said...

You go Hammer I am watching you. Hope the heat is down with the winds today. Stay hydrated. Thanks Bob for paddleing with him a bit yesterday. I know Jack enjoyed it. What about the wheels?