Friday, June 28, 2013

Michigan Challenge - update 7

paddle /sailing terminology: "hunkered down"  - picture worth a thousand words
11:47pm - 6/27/12:  Sandy left a message, that I did not receive until this morning; "All is well, we're still on the river, but where are we?" It might seem like a silly question, until you have been out on the river for 4 days with minimal sleep and the fog is as think as gravy in a 3 day old chicken pot pie. My keen navigation skills put them at the Insta-Launch; "Sandy, turn around paddle 3 strokes you're at the boat ramp" - Connie and Sandy finish @ 1:30am. Total time of 5 days 17 hours. Great job go-girls, you made it look so easy!!!
Lauren and Mark experiencing the how bout what for on Lake Michigan; went from dead calm to a turbulent sea in a matter of minutes; got to shore and hunkered down till the storm cells pass.  They sound in good spirits and are making thermos meals for the last push to Manistee.

Post race dinner at 6:00pm at the Insta- Launch in Manistee Saturday 6/29/13

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