Monday, June 24, 2013

Michigan Challenge - update 3

Super Moon Sunday
Sunday June 23 at 1018p Aaron Kania text me stating his SPOT had shut off; Location "Funsville, MI" right down from "Having a Blast", MI 3 miles below the Mio dam.

Sunday June 23 at 1157p Lauren sends a message that they had a mixed day of paddling and sailing; the early 200a start is leaving them bushed; they are on the west side of Hammond Bay.

Sunday June 23 at 1045p Connie and Sandy send an OK message a few miles down from Luzerne Park, home of the world's largest ball of twine. Appears all is well.

Have not heard from the "Hammer", I will keep you posted as things develop.

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Operion M'Sia said...

The moon is great. I viewing it at Malaysia on that day