Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Michigan Challenge - update 5

Lake Michigan

Like most reporters internationally we leave room for embellishment and banter; this is what I know to be true or not.

Lauran and Mark had one heck of a day paddling into strong headwinds; their sight of the Mackinaw bridge and the Mill Creek Camp ground brought refuge, ice-cream and good friends camped out; waited out the thunderstorms and lightening and pushed on after a marvelous breakfast.

Jack "if I only had a wheel nut - the hammer" somehow managed the 7 mile portage even being burdened with the lack of ice cold beer and closed convenient stores; how inconvenient is that? So he pushed on in Krugerhead fashion blazing trail on the Manistee.

Connie and Sandy have made it look easy as there biggest question of the day is where can we buy chips and a new canoe paddle ( hope it wasn't my loaner that got broke)?  Backing off a bit and enjoying the journey, they sucked right into river time and are going with the flow down the Manistee.

Aaron punched out the most difficult part of the challenge, up the AuSable; hats off to this challenger who was in a kayak and did not have the luxury of being able too jump in and out of his craft like a spring rabbit.

...and for me, chained to the desk of un-fulfillment; waddling in a sea of distain and regret; shackled to hopelessness .... oh wait that was my neighbor who works in a glue factory...  I'm good; really good!!   Break loose peeps get up, get out and get your adventure on no matter what it may be!!

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