Thursday, July 17, 2014

Krugerhead 340 ~ Wrapped & Rolled...

Debris, debris & yet some more debris. Word has it every time Nightspiritsix would stop for a feed, Bob Bradford & Grandson Justin would have to clean out the ramps so the OC-6 could stop. There stops were short lived however, because the floating debris would start to amass around them, effectively blocking them in. No one had ever seen anything like it.
© Lauren Fry

 If your curious about what sleep deprivation will do to you, ask Janet Bradford. As the crew was taking turns hup-ing a twenty count stroke, Janet at one point counted to 63 and said, "I forgot what I was doing!" 

Nightspiritsix - 43 hours 33 minutes (Front-Back) Mike Bradford, Everett Crozier, Dick Ulbrich, Janet Bradford, Mike Smith & Toby Nipper
(R-L) Mark Przedwojewski (Irons, MI) & Jack "The Hammer" Murgittroyd (Ithaca, MI)
40 hours 14 minutes!

Mark Rowe & Lauren Fry "GoFRowe" 44 hours 9 minutes

Joe Tousignant "Joe Wildlife" 47 hours 31 minutes

Marek Uliasz 50 hours and some change

Ben Algera "Macatawa" 53 hours 24 minutes
Brian Weber "Capt'n O Dark Thirty" 59 hours 12 minutes
Capt'n of the "O" Dark 30 Blog Link
Sandy Krueger "Peacepaddler"

...and of course the shore support for Nightspiritsix, (Left Picture) Jerry Davis & (Right Picture, L-R) Justin & Bob Bradford (also pictured Mike, Joe & Mark)

~guest bloggers Pat Harrington, Stacy Smith & Michael Doty

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