Monday, March 5, 2018

EC2018 - Day 3a

Some reports from the field this AM...

MicroTom and WaterLily got an early start and are just about to Marco.

From Brian W:
"chilly - good wind; all is well except for hats and headlamps to the fishes"

From SandyBottom:
"Early to bed tonight. 50 miles exactly, from 7:30am to 9:00pm. Just finished beef stroganoff. Will get an early start in the morning."

From Bacon (traveling with Whale):"So it’s the end of day 2, another fun but challenging day. Charolette Harbor/Boca Grande Pass was a bit dicy, surfed a wave and reached 11 knots and my by boat doesn’t usually do more then 6 maybe 7. The rest of the day consisted of barely enough wind to sail, then two minutes later 20 knots of wind, then nothing. This went on all day! Whale and I were shooting for Naples tonight but we’re both tired from little sleep last night so we cut in early after only a 14 hour day. Still made 55 miles for the day so I’m still holding slightly ahead of the 40 mile a day mark needed to complete the 1200 miles in 30 days. I’ll take a picture and some video of my great camping spot in the daylight. Off to bed another early morning tomorrow!"

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