Tuesday, March 6, 2018

EC2018 - Day 4c

HuronHugh and GitchGoomy have arrived at CP2!

In the meantime... Brian, Marissa, Mark P and Donna are lounging around CP2 waiting for the evening tide to carry them out to their campsite at Pavillion Key.  While they were waiting, Marissa rescued a boat that drifted off the beach!  It looks to me more like a pleasure cruise than a challenge...

From the tracker...
- Mzee is on the Big Marco River, headed towards Goodland.
- WindwardMark and LeewardLauren are on their way through the Wilderness Waterway, currently in Chevelier Bay.
- MicroTom and WaterLily are through the Nighmare and into Upper Broad Creek, which is usually more difficult to navigate.  Good luck!
- Greg and Thor are just off Highland Beach.
- BeaV is in Joe River, probably getting into CP3 late tonight.

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