Thursday, March 8, 2018

EC2018 - Day 5e

Lots going on tonight!
CrazyWildFire and MateyThor (Greg and Thor) are at the finish after a blazingly fast sail across Florida Bay.

Back at CP3, a steady stream of arrivals...
First in was SandyBottom:

Next in were the two "outside route" Cruisers with Mark P, Donna, Brian and Marissa.

And just behind were Mark and Lauren who texted me from the middle of Whitewater Bay
"Skipped oyster bay and heading straight for cp3.  Sailing seemed promising but ended up going bare poles because wind is very strong and navigation is difficult.  One more jump and we'll be across whitewater bay.  Probably will spend the night at cp3.  Back near cell service but poor reception."

Meanwhile... Bacon, Whale, HuronHugh and GitchyGoomy are all in Joe River and will probably pull into CP3 in the early morning hours.
Mzee looks to be camping on Wood Key, waiting to finish the run into CP3 in daylight.

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