Monday, March 5, 2018

EC2018 - Day 3f

Some updates from the field...

MicroTom and Waterlily came and when from CP2, headed for the Wilderness Waterway.

HuronHugh and Gitchgoomy (Matt and Kevin) are headed towards the 10000 islands after a good dinner in Goodland.  From Facebook:
"Stopped for dinner tonite Day 3. Just south of Marco Island, in Goodland, at the Little Bar. We’ve been subsisting on protein bars for most of our calories for 3 days. It was Time for a meal. Yesterday we started the open ocean part of this, starting out at Sanibel and banging down the coast yesterday and last night, getting to just above Naples, where we found a place to ‘stealth camp’.
Finished it off today but the wind shifted so the afternoon was tough paddling. now debating how far we can get in the 10000 Islands before trying to camp. Goal is Chockoloskee tomorrow.
I’ll try to post again but won’t be surprised if this is it for awhile. Internet likely sketchy south of here."

Naptime! Gotta love a Kruger catamaran...

SandyBottom and the 3 Cruisers are stopped on CampLulu Key which is the last good campsite before entering the National Park.  Checking the mapper, I suspect Bacon and Whale will end up there as well.

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