Saturday, March 3, 2018

WaterTribe EC2018 - Setup Day

The 2018 Everglades Challenge is looking to be an epic year for Team Kruger.

This is the team:
BeaV (Bob Vollhaber)- SeaWind
BlueJay (Thad Rice) - SeaWind
Dorsalis (Chip Southerland) - SeaWind
GitchyGoomy (Kevin Anderson) - Sea Wind
Huron Hugh (Matt Turner) - SeaWind
Kapakahi and Boo (Brian and Marissa Weber) - Cruiser
ManitouCruiser and BuschWacker (Mark P and Donna Busch) - Cruiser
MateyTHOR (Thor Jaquish) - SeaWind
MicroTom and WaterLily (Tom and Erika Dyll) - Cruiser
MZEE (David May) - SeaWind
SandyBottom (Dawn Stewart) - Dreamcatcher
Whale (Bill Whale) - Dreamcatcher
WindwardMark and LeewardLauren (Mark Rowe and Lauren Fry) - Cruiser
Setup day looked cloudy and breezy, but at least that keeps the bugs away and the sun of the fair skin of so many northerners :)

Here are some pics sent from the field.

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