Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ultimate Hugh Heward Update #16

Mark Reports 6:35pm

Intrepid 4 in good spirits - 1 mile out from the 7 mile plus portage - Plan to walk till just before dark make a meal - Walk till they get to the put in - somewhere around 11:00pm - Get a good nights sleep - Tomorrow's plan: put on some river miles.

Highlights from today:

  • More snow - Toby says he seen enough -he's paddled in snow. Looking forward to the 75 degree*+ day on Saturday.
  • They're still laughing at the "Toby Tracker" -coined phrase. now a registered trade mark. :-)
  • They heard that Jon has some severe tendentious going on. Tracker shows him on the move.
  • Patty Pape presents: Photos from Hell Creek

"Don't forget it is EARTH DAY!!! Going GREEN means paddling the "highways" across the state like Hugh Heward did. Today the paddlers are crossing the "Great Divide" of Michigan....the stretch of land running through southern Michigan that separates falling rain from going to either Lake Erie or Lake Michigan." - Patty

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ThereAndBackAgain said...

Thank you to all those covering this event and to the "Toby Tracker". It is really cool to be able to watch Toby's track and make guesses as to what the groups next move will be by looking at the satellite photos. Happy adventures to all the paddlers.