Friday, April 24, 2009

Ultimate Hugh Heward Update #18

Mark Reports 4-23-09 8:30 pm

There was a break away by Mark as he set up a rendezvous with Michelle for dinner. It time out perfectly as the group of three, Toby Dan and Charlie arrive as Mark re-entered the water to go make camp.

They camped about 15 miles out from Dimondale.

Mark Reports 4-24-09 7:30am

The Intrepid 4 are back on the water and plan to parley with Chuck Ambroy for lunch in route. Estimated time of arrival Dimondale, 2:00pm.

Capt'n Reports 4-24-09 8:50 am

We arrived in Dimondale 8:15am - Scouted the put-in and camp amenities. Then immediately headed over to the Mike's Village restaurant for an outstanding breakfast and an opportunity to jump on his computer and update everyone. Thanks Mike!!

Gonna sort some gear and shuttle some vehicles and wait for the Intrepid 4 to arrive!!


  • Michigan comes by the title of "Water Wonderland"
  • Bordered by 4 Great Lakes - 3,251 miles of shoreline.
  • Michigan has 11.037 inland lakes, and 36,000 miles of rivers and streams
  • There is no point in Michigan then is more then 6 miles from a river or lake.

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