Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ultimate Hugh Heward Update #19

Brian Reports 6:26 am
From the comforts of the Portland American Heritage Inn

The Intrepid 4 have a day of rest (today), or should I say a day of replenishing, phone calls and visits with loved ones. Not to mention a time for story telling, not just this trip, but the ones past and ones being dreamt about. You get Larry, Toby, Dan, Charlie and Mark in a room all at one time, things happen.

I spotted Jon in his kayak blaze through Dimondale on Friday, I was river left, he was river right. He stopped for a short period, but I never got to speak with him. He is forging ahead. Though the word on the river is weather permitting, he is going straight across Lake Michigan and NOT folllowing the shoreline. It's still pouring rain and the wind is kicking, so it's a mystery what his final plan will be. He has a SPOT and you can track his progress from this blog.

The timing of the Ultimate Hugh Heward and the Hugh Heward 50 was perfect. Lots of time to relive the adventure thus far; from snow and ice to torrential down pours, they are seeing it all.

The Hugh Heward 50 stuck right dab in the middle of the Ultimate gave me and a 108 other participants a chance to experience what the boys are going through, though on a much smaller scale.

Here are some highlights:

  • The letter "H" in Michigan - stands for Hospitality.
  • Vehicle shuttlers and all the volunteers - The Hugh Heward Organizers, Outstanding effort!!
  • Spending some time with Jim Woodruff and family; They put on a spread at his home on the Grand River with cold drinks, fresh fruit for all paddlers making their way to Portland.
  • Every town every village every person standing on river bank or bridge was a fan. Lots of energy around the event.
  • The Village Inn restaurant in Dimondale - Mike the owner stayed open late and opened early for all the participants

The arrival to Dimondale, MI

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