Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ultimate Hugh Heward Update #24

Mark reports 8:46pm

Energy renewed as a couple from Holland and their daughter arrive on the shore with banana bread. The discussion moves to WaterTribe and it appears they are building a boat to compete in 2010. The name of the family escapes me, but the banana bread will be remembered.

Toby finds GOLD!!! Well almost; he found a ten dollar bill on the ground and treated the gang to coffee as they were portaging... ah life is good on the river.

Big discussion on whether to push on to the big pond (Lake Michigan) today. It was decided that a 52 mile day was enough ( the longest paddling day thus far)

Rumor has it that Larry Hoff may re-join the mousketeers for the Lake Michigan passage. Huge water 6 foot seas. Better to go as a group then doing it alone and be lost at sea. There is safety in numbers.

Jon is on the shore as well waiting it out and Charlie who had high expectations of leaving tomorrow has dropped do to his paddling buddy's bailing out.

The plan is a good night sleep after an outstanding day on the river... the sun is about to set and boys have called it a day.

On the water by 7:00am 4-29-09 - looks to be good weather. Paddle on.


bjalgera said...

Credit for the banana bread goes to my wife Emily and daughter Sara (she is 2 and she "helped"). It was great seeing the guys, we were just jealous watching them paddle off. We thought about offering them our car and taking to boats for a while! Oh well, maybe next year we can join in on the HH 50 in the boat I'm currently building: hyperlink color

bjalgera said...

oops, messed up that link...
Ben's Boatbuilding

skykryme said...

Congratulations on making it across everybody!!! Best of luck on the big water