Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ultimate Hugh Heward Update #26

Mark reports 7:43am
Calm water this morning after a day of headwinds and no real chance of using the sails. There was talk of reeling Jon in as Toby has WaterTribe Fever. But in the end, they decided to stick to the original plan savoring every moment.
Breaking news:
Larry Hoff will be re-joining the group sometime tomorrow. He spoke with the gang yesterday and will make the venture down from Superior, WI. Larry has not done a big open water crossing before and with the water temperature at 38F, mother nature giving the boys a "what for and how bout" the whole trip, it just makes sense do it as a group.
No tsunami expected but the Seiche of 1954 has crossed my mind. Plenty of damage in "Chi-town" with multiple drownings in 1954. But they are catted up and in Sea Winds, no worries.


skykryme said...

The Seiche diagram is awesome!! You've really gone above and beyond with this blog Kap...any ideas on when they might finish?

K.C.A. said...

possibly this weekend...i'll wait for word from the boys at tonight's check in.