Thursday, September 24, 2009

The boys are back in town....

and so are the girls!

Kruger Canoe Adventures - Cast of Players:

Jack Murgittroyd - paddled the Bushwhacker two times... quite a story. First time around he just showed up, borrowed a boat and off he went! I think he has been bitten by the paddling bug. He will be paddling Roxane Smiths Sea Wind.

Mark Przedwojewski - Needs no introduction, he really hasn't done much paddling or has any appreciation for the outdoors - wup wup gottcha!

Dan Smith - See below

Mike and Bob Bradford - See below

Brian Keel is doing the whole down river stretch of the Manistee, he also did the Bush Whacker two times. (Great name)

Bruce Barton and his daughter, Rebeca and Connie Cannon and Bill Brundage are doing the 24 hour 100 miler. Ya the pro boaters have arrived!!

Rumors abound of Toby Nipper and new a Sea Wind owner coming up from the balmy shores of Fla for the 100 miler. They're doing the route over a couple of days to take in the fall colors and all that is the Manistee River.

A cast of characters for sure, but all players in the running of the Kruger Challenges!!

The Capt'n Reporting

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