Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting Giddy...

Another Kruger Canoe Adventure is just days away. A handful of hard core Michigan paddlers will once again traverse the State of Michigan. This time around, the northern route, up the Au Sable and down the Manistee.

The Au Sable River runs approximately 129 miles through the northern Lower Peninsula, through the towns of Grayling and Mio, and enters Lake Huron at Oscoda.
The Manistee River runs approximately 232 miles through the northern Lower Peninsula, through the villages of Sharon, Smithville, Mesick, and enters Lake Michigan at Manistee.
They'll do it all with a 7 mile portage to boot. Pack light and travel fast. Check it out on Google Earth - Click here

I spoke with Bob Bradford who will be paddling with his son Mike.

"Mike and I plan on doing this at a fairly fast pace. Our plan is to do it in less than 4 days. If this is possible then we would be back at the Manistee camp ground on Friday afternoon in time to see all of our friends before they take off on the 100 mile Kruger Challenge which takes off Sat morning. It looks like Mike and I will be starting for sure on Monday Sept. 28th at 8:00AM."

You can follow their adventure - They will be using SPOT - Click here

The apple doesn't roll far from the tree, Mike Bradford a seasoned paddler is well versed with this route. He has completed it 6 times before.

"The Bushwacker"

Last time Mike and Bob did the route it took them 7 days... they slept every night and they were not in a custom built canoe like - "The Bushwacker" that they will be paddling this time.
Mark P. and Dan S. will be participating as well. They will be in Kruger Sea Winds, taking their time and cruising the challenge. I know there are more participating, I'll post the roster as soon as I hear back from Mark P. I will also post a link to his SPOT as well.
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