Thursday, September 24, 2009

What about the little brother..

Had a great conversation with Dan Smith yesterday as I made my way up to Token Creek ( as I was driving up to a Mad City Paddlers Wednesday evening paddle). Dan reminded me that the Kruger Challenge - one hundred miles in 24 hours starts on October 3rd. So just to let everyone know, we'll have coverage as best we can on that event too.

The Kruger Challenge is an "O" Dark 30 paddle. Starts before the dawn and ends in the wee hours of the following morning. The twists and turns sweepers, sieves, boulders and logs make this quite the challenge in the dark. This event has seen freezing rain and ice encrusted paddles.

Now Dan is one of those ole school paddlers. forget about listing accomplishments - cause the blog ain't long enough; but when you think paddle camping, think Dan Smith. (Many many trips with Verlen)

Two years ago when we did a 125 miler on the Manistee, Dan was out on the river as well. Put in a day a head of us taking family and friends on a leisurely three day paddle. We by stroke of the paddle met up one evening and were treated to an on river banquet. A full 5 star meal and adventure stories to boot.

Then a year later we did a winter paddle and stayed at famed Deer Camp Island, where we had a big ass bonfire and venison kabobs to die for. I'm tell'n ya, these Michigan paddlers got it figured out. You guessed it Chef Dan again.

Cell coverage was weak, but I distinctly heard/smelled barbecue ribs over the phone... dang!

Anyway, just to let everyone know, we'll be tracking the little brother; the Kruger Challenge too.

See ya down river, rib bib optional - The Capt'n Reporting

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