Wednesday, September 30, 2009

UKC Update 23

Yeah I know what your thinking... Way too many Sea Winds for the Tres Amigos!! The welcoming party arrives with fresh stories and fresh muscles. What a great day for the Tres Amigos as Jeff Kolka (notice the butchering of the name in previous posts) and Mr. Kirchen (sp) join in.

I don't know who this handsome man is, but his hair goatee and glasses remind me of someone equally as handsome - I think it is Jack?

Ah yes the 5 gallon bucket.... good to see!! Please view the following video - Click here! This is what paddling with the Kruger Clan will do to you.

Lunch break I assume - A big THANKS to Jeff Kolka for the pics!! Also the mystery man that took in Janet last night was Jeff, not some random citizen, thought I better clarify that.

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