Monday, September 28, 2009

UKC Update 9

In the field report, by Carl Cole 3:13pm EST

The wind started picking up just before Sea Winds got to Foote Dam, blowing pretty steady now. Bradfords portaged Foote about 45 minutes behind them. Started raining about 11:30 hard at times.

I've got the photos uploaded now. They're from either the Bradford start or at the bottom of Foote dam. After I get home I'll try to label some.

Great pics of everyone making their way up river, there are some outstanding shots of the Sea Winds picking their line up river using the shadow of the bank to stay in the slack water.

Janet reports that the Von Bradford Express is soaked, cold but in great spirits; cleared the channel 5 dam at 2:05pm EST. It's pouring now.

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