Monday, September 28, 2009

UKC Update 8

The sleek and shiny - Pic from

The Captain Reports 12:25 EST

The Von Bradford Express has surpassed expectations and has been tearing up the Au Sable in their custom built Crozier Adventure Racing Canoe known as the Bushwhacker.

I like to call the boat "Black Magic" as a paddler of "BIG Medicine II" a Kruger Cruiser, those Bradford's are crafty like sorcer's out there on the water.
Looks like they passed Team Kruger who are meticulously working their way up river. (great river sense using the shore to their advantage) Look at pics in Update 9.

School's in session on the Au Sable; admission, a small entry fee; join in on the 100 miler next weekend - The Capt'n Reporting

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