Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And word from our event director

We had a very successful Tip of the Mitt Adventure event this year. On behalf of the Verlen Kruger Memorial Board, I would like to thank everyone that took part and played a roll in it's beautiful unfolding!


Many took part in full and half adventures out in Lake's Huron and Michigan as well as on the Ausable and Manistee rivers. The routes were tough and grueling at times, yet pleasant and enjoyable and very memorable for all . The routes pass through some of the Great Lakes regions most historical and pristine areas and offers a great challenge to all who seek it.


Thank you all for your continued support and your unquenchable thirst for the joy that is always hidden within the adventure!


Supporters of Tip of the Mitt 2011

Joan & Jack Cramer

Emily & Ben Algera

The Verlen Kruger Memorial Board

Team Kruger

Kruger Canoes

Team Project Lakewell

United States Canoe Association

Barton Farms

Superior Canoes

The Przedwojewski Family

The WaterTribe Family

Insta Launch Campground and Marina

The Towns, Marinas and People of; Oscoda, Alpena, Mackinaw, Leland, Mio, Grayling, Mesick and Manistee as well as all the other helpful people that took care of our adventurers along the way.

Fast Signs of Traverse City


Thank you all, we look forward to working with you again next year for the Tip of the Mitt Adventure 2012! ~ Mark

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pjmartel said...

What an wonderful group of people! I watched from the sidelines and saw a bond that is rare these days. The commitment to the race and each other is evident and really encouraging. Maybe next year I'll take on the Manistee River section and see you all at the finish with my own stories. Until then, paddle on and be grateful everyday for the blessing you all have to know and play together. Paula Martel (Groupie from Las Vegas :-))