Friday, June 17, 2011

Rare, up close... in depth interview with Manitou Cruiser

Kruger Canoe World Headquarters (where ever Mark has paddle camp is set)

KCA: What are your thoughts about the up coming Tip of the Mitt small boat challenge?
Manitou: Dude, did you bring over any Wisconsin Beer?

KCA: So as the event unfolds, what are your predictions for the finish?
Manitou: Dude, how many pieces of chicken did you have?

KCA: We understand that Kruger Canoe world headquarters is under renovation?
Manitou: Dude, don't sit there.

This has been an up close in depth interview with Kruger Canoe owner Mark "ManitouCruiser" (man of little words, man of action) leading up to the Tip of the Mitt.
First launch 6-18-11 Saturday; watch for more thrilling up dates and interviews.

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