Saturday, June 18, 2011

Updates for Saturday evening

Jack C. called in at 4:50pm for Gary H. & Al who were just south of Flat River, and at 5:30 pm Roy W. was at Harrisville.

At 5:20pm the sailboat Eclipse with Grant & the Crazy Russian has passed the Harrisville Marina. They said they were a bit over 25 miles from the launch and about 24 miles from Alpena. They were pressing on with steady NE winds they had all day.

Mark called about 8:00 pm and said he'll try to call me in the morning to give me the names of all who are paddling & sailing in this event. Should help me know who I'm getting updates from, so I don't make too many mistakes :-). Mark also said that Dan, Jack and Brandon were doing awesome, that at 4:30 this afternoon they were already 26 miles upriver and going strong. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable event!

Posted By Kathy L.

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Anonymous said...

At 20:40 Dave Diget was at the camp grounds north of the Alcona Dam. He was still heading upriver. He was not sure how far he would go tonight....maybe Mio.