Sunday, June 19, 2011


Sorry for the delay..I'm at the race track, (MIS) and the phone circuits are crazy busy and having a hard time staying online. I'll be home tomorrow and will be able to do a better job keeping timely updates.
At around 11 am Jack M. was at the fast water above Loud Pond and half way to Alcona Dam, thought he would arrive in about 2 to 3 hrs.
Last night John H. was at South Point at 8 pm and at 11 pm made it to Thunder Bay.
At 7:30 am this morning Grant & Vladamir made it to check point 1.
7:30 am Dan W. made it through check point 1.
9 am Rord W. was through North Point with very windy conditions. His GPS quit working but was pressing on.
Gary & Uncle Al anchored south of the Platte River last night.
1:30 pm Grant & Vladamir were at the old Textile Light and sailing swiftly.
Not sure when the call came in from the Eclipse, said they rowed from Harrisville to half way across Thunder Bay last night until 3 am when the winds picked back up so they continued under sail. They stopped at Rock Port and sad it looked like their competitor got past them. They Plan on stopping for the night in Rogers City.

Kathy L.

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