Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Sailors

Grant & Vlad and Gary & Al are all in at Leland. Joan & I just left them after sharing a meal & terrific stories of their day. Both crews were visited by the Coast Guard earlier today. The Coasties were looking for a vessel that radioed in a distress call. When the Coast Guard arrived to check if Grant & Vlad called for help they just missed Vlad skinny dipping for a bathroom break and realized these guys were in their element and were in no need of assistance. They moved on to Gary & Al. When they were approaching Gary & Al, Gary spotted them 1st and suggested they cut happy hour short and greeted the Coasties with a camera and asked them to pose on the craft for photos. Apparently all is well with our merry band of sailors.

We just now received calls from Jon Holmes & Dan Wyns, both reported a successful crossing of Little Grand Traverse Bay and has tucked in for the night.

Darren Gladstone just texted that he was just past Leland and in for the night.

Jack & Joan

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